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Year 1962

Gran Turismo Hawk.

Body 2 door, Hardtop, customised to Convertible.

Studebaker V8 OHV,

289 ci (4.7 L)

225 hp @ 4,500 rpm.

Gearbox 3sp Auto.
Diff. Ratio 3.31:1
Wheelbase 120.5" (3,060 mm)

Foot - Front and Rear Finned Drums.

Hand - Rear Drums.

Weight 3,262 lb (1,480 kg)
Wheels 6' x 15'.
Tyre Size 195R15, 2" Whitewalls
Origin USA, Ckd Australian assembly.










History of this Vehicle

1962 - 19??



19?? - 1975

Owned by Rob Smith, NSW.


1975 - Today

Dale Fisher (NSW) purchased the vehicle and customised it into convertible.


Otherwise it is all original condition with only 58,000 miles on it.


More recently Dale changed grille to a Packard style & placed Packard badging on the car.  This came about from an article surmising what the Packard Hawk may have evolved to.


If you would like to contact the owner of this vehicle, please email to address 

shown on our Contact Us page, and include this vehicle reference 62gt-hwk-df01 in your message.



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