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Club Meetings are CANCELLED until further notice.


4th April 2020


The SCCNSW committee has decided to cancel all club related activities until

NSW Government lifts restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19.


For members with vehicles on Conditional Registration


email received from Terry Thompson 3rd April 2020. - Steve King.


NOTICE from CMC - 2nd April 2020.


We (CMC) issued this yesterday (2nd April 2020) after spending some time getting through to

RMS Policy Branch.


Hi all,

We have had many, many people questioning movement of cars, wanting to do maintenance runs, etc.

Boyd finally got through to Transport for NSW (RMS) Policy Branch with a great deal of persistence.

They have said that as long as club members follow NSW State restrictions, such as only going direct to the mechanic, the shops, Doctors or to work ?, they are allowed to use their HVS & CVS vehicles with the filled out log book.

That does not include trips to try the car out or charge the battery etc. as far as we interpret it.

Those reasons could be considered spurious by any authority who pulls you up.

There obviously can be no club events where people gather. We suggest that you do not sanction or organize any such activity as the fines are substantial.

Note that two unrelated people in the front seat of a vehicle are breaking the distancing rules. If they are not family or live with you then they are unrelated.

So go it alone is the safe way if you must go out in ANY vehicle.

Rumour goes that such cases as unrelated friends did get nailed in a car recently as they could not show that they live in the same household.

If the Club is not on the log book scheme (yes there are still over 100 of them), then they cannot take their vehicles out as club events are forbidden under the rules.

Under that situation, they can only go out via Registrar permission for specific purposes such as getting a pink slip for renewal of rego.

Maybe to a repair place but they better have a good story to tell the officers who pull them up, log book or no log book.

Those H, J, D, E, R and S number plates are a dead giveaway with all these scanning cameras in EVERY Police car nowadays.

So if your club officials are being harassed, you can tell them the above is the Transport for NSW response to questions asked directly to them.

Terry Thompson OAM

Chairman ACMC NSW Ltd
President Council of Motor Clubs Inc


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