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Club Run

24th May 2009

NSW Concours - The Entrance, NSW.


Many thanks to Steve K, Peter L, & Kerri M for the photo's.


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Report by Phil Hendo - From 'Stude News'

Held for the 3rd year over a weekend at The Entrance. Secretary Gary K did a deal once again with the Waldorf Apartments for accommodation at $125 a night, which was good value.

We left at 1pm on Friday afternoon and encountered very heavy rain on the way. It was not looking good for the weekend, but being over a weekend it was not possible to postpone the meet due to accommodation.


The 2nd floor of the Council Car Park was an option to hold the Concours if the weather didnít improve.

Many members arrived Friday night and it was a great night at The Entrance Hotel with members from NSW, Mid-West, Queensland and Newcastle Clubs.

The weather cleared on Saturday for an Observation Run organised by Gary & Birgit.


After the controversy surrounding last years observation run concerning the number of speed bumps, Gary was careful this year and wrote on the observation form that no correspondence will be entered into which he brought up after members had 4 answers to one question. We advised Gary that this wasnít Correspondence, it was verbal abuse and there was a lot of it. Gary vowed never to do an Observation Run again but we will have to talk him into it again as he does so well.

The final destination was Avoca beach and most members crossed the road for lunch before returning to The Entrance for another night of socialising at The Entrance Hotel. We were lucky as it didnít rain at all on Saturday and the wind had dropped down a bit.

Sunday was looking good, the Concours area had dried out and the Council opened the gates to let us in.


The Concours was run as previous years with members voting for their choices in class preferences and their top 10 cars. There were 26 cars in attendance, not a bad total considering the weather. We were very lucky with the weather as the southerly wind died down and we only had a brief 5 minute shower on Sunday.


The Concours was organised by Steve Leyden who did a lot of work getting the cars in the correct class positions and organising the judging forms. Tim Green found out that the Treasurer spent the Concours day doing paper work and never got a good look at the cars on display. Michael Frew did a lot of work helping Steve & Tim.

Luck ran out for members travelling back to Sydney on Sunday afternoon as an idiot spun out his high powered Commodore on the Freeway and we faced 3 lanes at 110km/h merging into 1 lane at 5km/h.

We must thank people who travelled long distances to attend our Concours this year, Chris Skinner from Brisbane, Ken & Sylvia Gibbs from Queenbeyan and Brian & Michael Frew from Meroo Meadow.

President Phillip Baker presented trophies to winners, results below.

Top Ten

1st John Grant 29 President 8
2nd Warren Thompson 51 Champion Convertible
3rd Shaunne OíNeil 63 Lark Cruiser
4th Brian Frew 58 Golden Hawk
5th Ken Hoff 56 Sky Hawk
6th Max Myers 59 Lark Hardtop
7th Tony Pead 62 G.T. Hawk
8th Dave Denton 60 Lark
9th Joe De Vries 24 Special 6
10th Phillip Baker 61 Lark Wagon



Class Winners

Pre War 1st John Grant 29 President 8
  2nd Joe De Vries 24 Special 6
Post War 1st Warren Thompson 51 Champion Convertible
  2nd Steve Waddell 51 Champion Starlight Coupe
  3rd Lee Kramer 55 Champion
Finned Hawk 1st Peter Leyden 60 Hawk
  2nd Brendon Walker 61 Hawk
G.T. Hawk 1st Tony Pead 62 G.T. Hawk
Lark 59-61 1st Phil Henderson 59 Lark Hardtop
Lark 62-66 1st Chris Skinner 64 Daytona Hardtop
  2nd Graham Wisby 64 Cruiser
  3rd Harry Kramer 62 Lark
Wagon 1st Phillip Baker 61 Lark Wagon


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