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4th July Weekend - 2009

We celebrated the 4th July over 2 days here in Sydney.

Firstly, on the actual 4th July local time, and 4th July USA time.


This meant that we had 2 options for members to get their Studebakers out.


Many thanks to Steve L, Peter L, Gary K, Steve W, and Steve K. for the photo's.

If you have photo's or would like to add to this page, please send to our webmaster.



Was this the first Studebaker worldwide on the road on 4th July?


Not wanting to be outdone, Steve W. coaxed his Starlight Coupe out of the garage at midnight on Friday 3rd July

to be first on the road and took these photo's at 00:05 on Saturday 4th July 2009, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

It was a chilly (by our standards) 5 deg C.


A bit hard to take a good photo at midnight, eh Steve!


Was anyone on the planet out on the road before Steve?


On the more sane side, Garry Kingcott arranged a drive past Studebaker sales outlets from the 50's & 60's, ending up on the northern side of Sydney, taking a few photo's along the way.


Needham Motors, 350 Great Western Highway, Wentworthville, NSW.

Tim Green with his Cruiser (or is he advertising for a bride?).


Needham Motors, 71 Australia Street, Camperdown, NSW.

L to R - Tim Green, John Blackall, Graham Wisby, Gary Kingcott.


The Transtar goes to the Opera.


Peter Leyden in the Transtar, with a couple of Sydney landmarks.


Garry Kingcott with Steve Leyden's Transtar, at Sydney Harbour.



Bombardier Motors, 505 Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW.

Showroom either side of the driveway.





We had a retro 60's day, meeting up for morning tea, then casually cruising out to SSME Model park for a BBQ lunch, and some 60's fun with Slot Cars.


We met at Wentworthville,


then drove past the old Needham Motors Showroom on the Great Western Highway, Wentworthville, then on to the motorway to Luddenham.

It is currently a bridal shop.



Then on to the SSME model park for lunch.

Gary Kingcott and Chris Ryan suitably attired in DYSD 'T' shirts.








 Chef extraordinaire Peter Leyden at work.


Dave & Christa Denton with their Lark.


Here are the 'T' shirts again with John Grant's 'Brooklands' Special.








1:24 scale Avanti and 53 Champions doing battle.


And fun was had by all.


We had 3 heats, with the top 8 performers from the heats lining up in a final.

Each Heat and Final was 2 minutes per bracket with 30 seconds lane change.


Heat 1

 Position  Driver  Laps  Time Factor
1 Peter Leyden 77 0.313
2 Kerri Myers 75 6.406
3 Tim Green 74 0.000
4 John Grant 74 0.000
5 Steve Waddell 73 0.000
6 Jan Grant 73 3.344
7 Max Myers 70 0.000


Heat 2

 Position  Driver  Laps  Time Factor
1 Scott Robertson 78 6.272
2 Brian Frew 77 6.093
3 Phillip Baker 76 0.000
4 Steve Leyden 76 0.000
5 Chris Ryan 74 3.070
6 Dave Denton 73 0.000
7 Christa Denton 71 0.000
8 Sue Baker 70 0.000


Heat 3

 Position  Driver  Laps  Time Factor
1 Ken Gibbs 81 4.289
2 Phil Henderson 80 4.103
3 Michael Frew 79 0.000
4 Jennifer Cap 78 3.481
5 Jeff Taylor 77 1.347
6 Graham Wisby 77 5.518
7 Sylvia Gibbs 73 1.984
8 Helen Henderson 72 0.000



 Position  Driver  Laps  Time Factor
1 Peter Leyden 57 0.000
2 Ken Gibbs 55 0.000
3 Phil Henderson 54 2.809
4 Jennifer Cap 54 0.000
5 Scott Robertson 53 8.110
6 Michael Frew 52 0.000
7 Jeff Taylor 51 3.084
8 Graham Wisby 51 7.282


The "Time Factor" is the time it takes for the car to cross the finish line after the 2 minutes is up, in the last bracket.

Where it shows 0.000, means that it took more than 9.9 seconds for the car to cross the line and no time is recorded.




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