Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales Inc.



Club Run

13th December 2009

Club Christmas Party, Carlton.


Many thanks to Steve K and Gary K,  for the photo's.


If you have any other photo's from this event, and would like to share, please send them to our webmaster.


In true club spirit, there were many helpers for this occasion, and huge thanks go to our host,

Scott for transforming the home to make this event a great success.

Many thanks to all those who helped with the food, and setting up.


Happy birthday Scott.  Don't look so worried, it'll be fine.





John's '29, 7 passenger President sedan creating a nice backdrop.




Three wise men??




Peter the cook, doing his thing.  Very nicely too.




Hmmmm... cup cakes.



Birthday boy receiving best wishes from el President Phil, and Helen drinking to his health.



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