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Club Run

18th April 2010

Club Run to "Settlers Arms Inn", St. Albans.

Many thanks to Steve K for the photo's.


What a beautiful day for a run in the Stude.  Perfect weather, the Stude filled up and rare'n to go.


We were due to meet at Wisemans Ferry at 10am.  Most arrived before 10, and some just after.


Gary K eventually joined us after doing a reconnoitre via Windsor.  Maybe Gary was getting some route info for another club run out that way.


Once we were altogether we headed for the ferry at about 11am.

Turning to go down the hill to the ferry, the brakes on my 63 Lark Cruiser decided to play up, so I continued down to the bottom of the hill, followed by Steve L, and Steve W, where we discovered a minor problem.


Thankfully the Studebaker Service Truck of Steve L had the necessary tools, and after about 20 minutes Steve had me going again.  Many thanks to Steve L, Steve W, and Tim (SL's mate) for helping make the day so enjoyable for me.


The others had gone on, and we resumed the run after boarding the ferry, then a 20km or so run to

St Albans.  What a nice way to enjoy the countryside.


The area up around Wisemans Ferry and St Albans is a magnet for motoring enthusiasts to get out and enjoy their machinery.  There were many motorcycles covering all decades of post-war production, with a few earlier ones adding the vintage touch.


When we arrived at the Settlers Arms Inn, there were many motorcycles there, as well as a magnificent collection of Aston Martins enjoying the day. You never know what you are going to see on our club runs.


Just in time for lunch.  Half of the group brought their own picnic, and the rest of us decided to try the food on offer at the Inn.  We all enjoyed our lunch and enjoyed the park like grounds of the Inn, and basically just watched the world go by.  It was very enjoyable sitting in pleasant surroundings and sharing it with fellow club members.


A few left around 2:30, and the rest not long after, but the day wasn't over for our service man.


Just before reaching the ferry, Gary K's 62 Lark decided it wanted some attention, and decided to loosen it's wheel nuts.  "What's that funny noise,  must be a bearing, she'll be right".  Meeting up with the rest of the group on the other side of the ferry, service man Steve springs into action again, gets the tools out of the truck and gives the 62 some loving attention.  Wheels nuts on both front and back wheels were trying to escape!  After tightening the nuts, Steve

packs up the gear and the group heads off in convoy.


Half way between Wismans and Dural, Gary hears another unnatural noise coming from the rear end, and has to pull over to the side of the road.  You guessed it, here comes Steve again, and has a look around the car.

"What's going one here?"  "How come that shock absorber is dragging on the ground?"  Don't think Studebaker designed it that way. The washer holding the shock' at the bottom had deteriorated and allowed the rubber to work it's way off.  Luckily again, Steve had a washer to do the job, and with a bit of muscle, gets the shock back in place, the new washer and old nut are secured and we're off again.


Many thanks to Gary for organising the day and especially to Steve L for just being there.  Your blood is worth bottling.


I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed the day, even with the few incidents.  That's what our club is all about.


Steve K.


6 Studes and 2 brand X (Chryslerbaker & Mercebaker) lined up at Wisemans Ferry Hotel.




3 Stude nuts sitting in front of the "Rust Buckets Parking Only" sign.


After a brew, and some lunch we enjoyed the pleasant grounds and company, being entertained by a 3 piece band playing some fine music to round of a great day.


The '3 Steves' cars lined up after finally making it to St Albans.



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