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Club Run

20th June 2010

Club Restoration Run.

Many thanks to Steve W, Steve K & Graham W for the photo's.


We started out at Joe's place checking out his vintage Stude's and Packard under resto, but we had problems with the box brownie, so unfortunately we only have one picture from Joe's at this stage.


Many thanks to Joe and Joan for the morning tea, Chris for the afternoon tea, and for sharing your homes and workshops with an envious group of club members.


A few photo's of member's Studes that turned up on the day.






At Joe's


Ahh, the sun is nice, on a brisk winter's morning.


Max and Jeff shooting the breeze.


Coffee time, eh Dennis?


John and Graham chat to Joe about the wood grain finish, and what the goose feather is for.


Here is the Packard body that Joe built.

Restored cowl, and all new for the rear section.


And this is what it's going to be fitted to.

Nice Work Joe.

She's going to be a magnificent sight to see on the road.


Here is the Radiator Shell manufacturing department.


At Chris's


Chris' GT.


Peter, Steve and Max check out Chris' '49 Packard.


"Hmmm, nice"

Chev 350 powered, Jag rear end, Stude in the making.

And this is how I work on it. Pretty ingenious home made lifting gadget.


"Yep, that's a Chevy all right"


And this is the 1953 body going on it.

A Chevybaguar??  Maybe?


Peter wants a '53 Packard now.


'53 Packard, the typical 50's American highway cruiser.

Chris likes 2 doors.

Say no more.

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