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Club Run

22nd August 2010

Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic.


Many thanks to Darryn F & Steve K,  for the photo's.


If you have any other photo's from this event, and would like to share, please send them to our webmaster.

We need good photo's of Peter L's Hawk, and late runner Gary K's Lark.


What a perfect winter's day for an outing with our Studes, and to participate in a great display of around 1,400 collector vehicles.  Clear sky with a brisk start, and 19C with light winds forecast.


Everything was going great until most of our members arrived, and we found out that we had not been provided with our 20 car spaces as allotted.  We were 4 spaces short!  Seems like the organisers can't count, or only allowed for micro cars.  No problems, we just parked in front and blocked off the drive way.  Hopefully they'll get it right next year.  The only other downer for the day was the volume of the 'background' music over the PA system which seemed to be cranked up to about 200 decibels.  I know of 2 people who left early because of the noise, and probably think twice about coming back next year. 


Anyway, there were plenty of nice vehicles to drool over, and nice time to chat with fellow members and car nuts.

A few Studes went for a cruise around the track for the display lap, and it is truly a great circuit.


Looking forward to a slightly quieter event next year.


Steve K.


 Our club was tightly packed in.
















 A very nice Packard in the Concours section.


'Brothers in arms' display of Packards.


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