Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales Inc.



Invitation Event

21st to 26th April 2011

19th National Meet - Freemantle, WA.


Many thanks to Peter L for the photo's.

If you have any photo's, or would like to send in a report for the day, please send them to our webmaster.








































































Results of Car Show

Position Vehicle Entrant
Top Car 55 President Speedster Brian turner
2nd 64 Champ Jim Wade
3rd 63 Lark Convertible Esther Brockwell
4th 57 President Sedan Roy Litchfield
5th 53 Commander H/Top Neville Tanner
6th 63 Transtar Neville Bunker
7th 51 Champion Sedan Kevin Gaines
8th 64 Commander 2 Door Kevin Bell
9th 57 Packard Hawk Duane Sain
10th 89 Avanti Convertible Brian Turner
Peoples Choice 55 President Speedster Brian Turner
Longest Distance 64 Daytona Wagon Richard Salter


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