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Club Run

25th September 2011

Thirlmere Railway Museum.


Many thanks to Scott R and Graham W for the photo's and Scott R for the report.


Our Club run for September was a trip south of Sydney to visit the NSW Rail Transport Museum in the southern highland south of Sydney.

The Museum had been in the small town of Thirlmere since the 1980s.

In recent times the NSW Government has invested many millions of Dollars into developing the museum to a world standard facility.

The many displays are now housed in a brand new building with polished concrete floors, sound and lighting effects which show the engines and special carriages to good effect.

The name of the museum has changed too, now called Train Works!  Some one probably got paid millions for that!

Many members of our Stude Club have an interest in railways as well as our beloved Stude Cars, so this visit was being looked forward to by many members, but alas, the weather had ideas of being a spoiler.

Unfortunately the days leading up to this run the rains were hanging around, and on the day, and on the day you guessed it, Rain!

I decided to venture out and wait at the rendezvous spot on the Menangle Rd and just wait to see how many members may turn up, as I wanted to see the museum myself.

As the arranged time to depart grew closer members started pulled up behind my car, and by the time of departure came we had 7 cars, 2 Studes and 5 brand Xs.

The drive to Thirlmere was ok, the rain was not too heavy, then, to our surprise on arrival we met up with 2 more members who drove directly to the venue, so in all not a bad roll up considering the rain.

Once inside the building it was decided that morning tea was in order to appease the inner souls of the member, and to give strength for the tour of this large museum.

After a very nice cuppa and a muffin, (a warm muffin too, with whipped cream no less) we headed off the see the many displays.

After wandering around seeing the sights, and watching, hearing and smelling the 27 class loco going past giving rides to Buxton and return, it was lunch time.

A few of the attending members left at this point with other commitments, but a number stayed for a tasty lunch and more talking, then a nice easy drive back to Sydney, in the rain!

Over all, it was an enjoyable day, and just goes to show, even in the rain, a good time can be had out with our Stude Family.

Members attending:
Graham W: 64 Cruiser
John and Jan G
Alan R
Dennis, Robyn, and friends.
Scott R

New members: Bruce and Glenys L

New member to be: David S: 63 Lark Cruiser

Well there you have it, a rainy day, but an enjoyable day.
































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