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Club Run

13th November 2011

Breakfast - Newington Armory.


Many thanks to Scott R for the report, and Steve K for the photo's.


Our Clubs breakie runs have been a hit with members since we started them 2 years ago, and in that time we have visited a growing number of venues that we like to visit for breakfast together.

This months run was no exception; this is the 2nd time we have been to the Armory Restaurant, situated in Silverwater Sydney, which is the site of the Royal Australian Navy’s old armament store site.

This old Navy site is right on the banks of the Parramatta River, and is at the northern end of a very large industrial area, that was completely redeveloped for the 2000 Olympic Games in “Sydeny” (as it was pronounces to the world way back). This huge site was transformed from a once ugly, polluted part of Sydney, into a vast and very pleasant tourist area.

As with most of the restaurants we go for our breakie runs, the Armory has good food at a reasonable price, which suites our members right down to the ground.

Unfortunately our Armory run this time was a bit down on member attending, due to a few members having their plans changed at the last minute.

But for members who did attend, it was a lovely clear sunny morning, just right to gather on the river banks, meet and greet fellow Stude family in the morning cool, watching the River Cats glide past. It all wets ones appetite for a good breakfast.

This time was no exception, and I am sure we will be back at the Armory in the not too distant future, in the New Year perhaps.

My how the year has gone fast.



Scott R '51 Champion
Ray H '52 Commander Starlight
Chris K '58 Packard
Max and Kerri M '59 Lark Hardtop
Peter and Anita L '60 Hawk
Brendon W and friends '61 Hawk
Steve L '63 Champ Pickup
Ben L ’61 Lark Hard Top
Steve K '63 Lark Cruiser
Graham W '64 Cruiser

Visitor with Ray, new member to be Mark R who just bought a 61 Champ.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my Christmas greetings to all members of our Studebaker Family, both here in Australia and to our brothers across the ditch in New Zealand.

Have a wonderful Festive Season, and come back safe for 2012.

Have a Lovely Christmas one and all, see you soon.
















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