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15th January 2012

All American Day - Castle Hill.


Many thanks to Darryn F, Ray R, and Steve K for the photo's, and Scott R for the report.


The NSW Clubs first outing for 2012 was held on the 15th of January and as the name implies All American Cars gather on the concrete roof of the Castle Towers shopping mall this time each year.

This event being in January is usually a recipe for heat stroke, with no shade to get ones self out of the blistering sun.
This year was quite a bit different thanks to Sydney’s changeable weather, which at the moment is rain, rain and more rain.

As the weekend approached we were still unable to guess what the day would be like, so, after a basically dry Saturday with a few clouds, and the promise of a similar day on Sunday by the weather boffin’s, a few of us decided to chance it and go.

Steve K in his 63 Lark Cruiser and myself in the 51 Champion made arrangements to meet on route and travel together.

Another mate of ours joined our small convoy in his newly finished Cobra, you know a small 2 seat car, big engine, and you guessed it, No Roof!

Well as the story goes we headed off from our meeting point (still no rain) but we had not driven more than 10 minutes when the heavens opened up, and I mean big fat drops of rain, and lots of them.

As I was the lead car, I had thoughts of pulling into a side street for our Cobra compatriot, but what was the point, he did not have a roof to put up, so we pressed on.

By the time we arrived at the venue the rain had reduced to a steady drizzle, an hour later it had stopped.

As far as Studes attending we were well down on previous years (maybe the weather had something to do with it?)

After we were asked to do a bit of shuffling around by the organizers we ended up in a good spot away from the rest of the American brand X cars, which ended up being good to show off the members Studes who did venture out.

It was pleasing to see 2 Studebakers from Newcastle join us on the day.

Cars &  Members Attending

David S 1925 Special Six Californian Duplex
Scott R 1951 Champion Regal
Ray H 1952 Commander Starlight Coupe
Helmut M 1958 Golden Hawk
Steve K 1963 Lark Cruiser
Nathan K 1963 Lark Daytona Hardtop
Shaune O’N 1963 Lark Cruiser
Darryn and Dale F 1964 Cruiser
Dave and Christa D Brand X - 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

The weather basically held good for the rest of the day, so it turned out to be quite a good day to wander around looking at the other Yank brand X cars, hundreds of them in fact.

In a way I am glad the clouds were overhead, it meant we did not fry our brains and wilt from the usual heat.

Well that is about all I can tell you about this particular day, maybe you will attend next year.



























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