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14th October 2012

Victorian Concours - Moorabbin Airport


Many thanks to Peter L for the report and photo's.


I am writing a report of my trip south to Victoria for their annual Concours.


I drove from home at 7:30 am in dry weather, the forecast was heavy storms coming and reports of snow around the high country.


Turning onto the M2 it started, torrential rain for the next two hours on the high speed roads until Marulan where the scenery turned white with snow, it continued to near Yass.


The petrol stop was closed for maintenance, I had to drive to Yass town centre for petrol.


Next it was onto ALBURY to the ELM COURT MOTEL.


Our members will remember staying here on the convoy to BALLARAT.


I had told Laurie Evans I was coming south, that night his wife Colleen and Ruth Rennick and myself had dinner at the Commercial Club, we had all been to Timaru for the New Zealand Nationals at Easter this year.

Saturday morning it was onto Melbourne where a few locals had been told I was driving down, firstly stopping at Brian Greenall's house to check his collection of cars and hugh workshop.

Next Richard Salter had called me to stop in at Bob Godley's place for afternoon tea and check out his yard and lifetime collection, it was fantastic, he could be my neighbor any day.


At the Dingley Hotel, Dave Pink phoned to tell me who was staying from the Stude Clubs. I spent the night with Ray and Gloria Crunkhorn talking about South Bend and the USA trip.

Sunday was Concours day, 61 cars turned up, the weather was perfect. The local members were such a friendly lot.

A young generation led by Michael Pink and Anthony Heyde, Leon Martin did all the running and organising with help of many I didn't meet personally.


Barry Cameron was debuting a three year in construction Boatail Commander Six Special, completely made of 1939
Stude body parts, that was worth the trip south to see.  Hopefully the Victorian club will do a big spread in Stude News. The car was first place at the presentation night.

There were some good cars for sale and plenty of variety to impress our Sydney members.

It would make a great "Club Run" in the future.


I took plenty of photos for the Web Site.


Presentation night was a low key event, most people staying home to watch a new TV show, Jack Irish.

I had a great night with Jack Daniels and Jim Bean, two KIWI'S I met in South Bend.

Monday, 6:00 am back to Sydney 1000 Klm, the Hawk went well but it maybe tired like me.

Anita was pleased to see me and so were the two dogs.
Peter Leyden.






















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