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6th December 2014

Christmas Party - Dennis and Robyn's.


Many thanks to Yolla, John G and Peter for the photo's, and Peter for the report.


What a great party it was at Dennis and Robyn's new place.


The weather was hot with another thunderstorm forecast. The ladies of our club gave us the best Christmas lunch ever, from the salads, corned beef, ham and chicken to the biggest variety of deserts.


Only a few regular members weren't able to attend.


Tim Green won the Xmas raffle prize, a world trip or something smaller, I'm not sure!


The big surprise was Colin and Shirley Green with their newly completed 1963 red GT custom convertible.

Late in the day those members in convertibles had to leave quickly to beat the storms.  I hope they got home safely before the rain.


At the party it was agreed that during the next year the men would have a ladies day were we would do a special day bigger than Mother's Day but not on that day, so the pressure is on for 2015.

Hope to see you at the final Xmas meeting on December 16th.

Peter Leyden.


































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