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Year 1927

EU Standard Six, Victoria Coupe.


4 Passenger, 2 door Coupe,

5 Wheel equipped.


Studebaker 6 cyl. side valve

242 ci (4.0L),

67hp @ 2400rpm

Gearbox 3sp, non-syncro.
Diff. Ratio 4.18:1
Wheelbase 113" (2870mm) ??

Foot - 2 rear wheel mechanical, external contracting.

Hand - Internal on rear wheels.

Weight 2800lb (1273 kg) ??
Wheels Disc, steel wheels.
Tyre Size 525 x 21" ??
Origin USA












History of this Vehicle


1927 - ??

While it can't be confirmed at this stage, it is thought that the original owner was Paul Cashion, who was a fish monger in Hobart, Tasmania.


?? - 1960s

Once again, it can't be confirmed, but it is thought that the O'Neil family of Tasmania, purchased the vehicle from Mr. Cashion.


1960s - 1995

Owned by Mr. Herman Hull, Tasmania.

The vehicle was restored when first purchased, then the engine was reconditioned around 1990.


1995 - 2015

John Gale, Tasmania.

Mileage - 89712 when purchased.

The engine was again reconditioned in 2011.


2015 - Today

Purchased by new SCCNSW member Gary A.


Mileage - 105765 when purchased. (Ticked over 99999, and now reads 5765)


At some point in it's history, the vehicle's original front seats were re-covered, and floor coverings replaced.

The rest of the vehicle is basically original and is in good running condition.


If you would like to contact the owner of this vehicle, please email to the Webmaster address shown on our Contact Us page, and include this vehicle reference 27vic-cpe-ga01 in your message.



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