Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales


Year 1928

GE Director Royal, Sedan.


6 Passenger, 4 door, Sedan.

6 Wheel equipped.


Studebaker 6 cyl. side valve,

242 ci (4.0L),

67hp @ 2800rpm.

Diff. Ratio 4.2:1
Gearbox 3sp, non-syncro.
Wheelbase 113" (2,870mm)

Foot - 4 wheel mechanical, Internal 3 Shoe Bendix.

Hand - Transmission.

Weight 3,410lb (1,550 kg)
Wheels Wire, Budd.
Tyre Size 600-650 x 20"
Origin USA











History of this Vehicle


1928 - 1981

Original factory right hand drive, delivery to Epping, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Driven until 1966 when it was placed in storage having covered only 73,000 miles.

It's not sure if the car or the owner slowed down, forcing the retirement.

1981 - 1993

Purchased by local enthusiast, as deceased estate, who completed a full restoration in December 1984.
Driven regularly on full road registration, and club outings, and won several trophies at various events.

1993 - 2008

Owned and maintained by club member in Sydney.
Driven regularly for club outings and tours on full road registration.


2008, 19-03-08

Sold to new owner in Albury NSW.  Still winning the odd trophy.




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