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Year 1929

Brooklands 'Double 12' President.


5 Passenger, 4 door, Tourer.

5 Wheel equipped.


Studebaker 8 cyl. side valve,

335.6 ci (5.5L),

115hp @ 3,800rpm.

Diff. Ratio 3.47:1
Gearbox 4 Speed Warner crash box.
Wheelbase 125" (3175mm)

Foot - 4 wheel mechanical, Internal 3 Shoe Bendix 15" x 2.5".

Hand - Mechanical on all 4 wheels.

Weight 3,808lb (1,727 kg)
Wheels 20 inch bolt on wire.
Tyre Size 6.50 X 20"
Origin USA, Australian built body.

As found in 1985.


Well on the way to becoming a "Brooklands".
















History of this Vehicle


1929 - 1985


1985 - Today

Currently owned by Sydney club member who built the vehicle and uses it regularly on full registration for club and social outings.


The original vehicle for this 29 Brooklands President came from Cooma, NSW, and was built from photos obtained out of the Beaulieu British Motor Museum.

A donor car was also purchased from Vince Rees from Cooma, who had collected several 29 Presidents.


To read more about the background of this magnificent vehicle, and the 'Double 12 Hour' race,

click >here<.


If you would like to contact the owner of this vehicle, please email to address 

shown on our Contact Us page, and include this vehicle reference 29pres-tor-jg01 in your message.



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