Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales


Year 1951

10G Champion.


4 door, 6 Passenger Sedan.


Studebaker 6 cyl side valve,

169.6 ci (2.8 L)

85 hp @ 4,000 rpm.


3sp, manual, with electric overdrive,

no synchro on first.

Diff. Ratio tba:1
Wheelbase 115" (2,921 mm)

Foot - Hydraulic Drums front & rear.

Hand - Internal Rear Drums.

Weight 2,585 lb (1,175 kg)
Wheels 15 x 5", Original Steel.
Tyre Size 6.40 x 15"
Origin USA

Engine Refurb, 2011.

Produced by Ray Henman ACS











Dash and instruments updated, 2020.




History of this Vehicle


1951 - 1974

History unknown


Previously owned by Barry Helsham.


1974 - Today

Currently owned by Sydney club member who restored the vehicle and uses it regularly on 'club' registration for club outings.


The vehicle was in very good original condition when first purchased, and required minimal mechanical work, but received a full re-spray from it's original Battle Ship Grey being painted by the owner, and was completely re-trimmed inside.


If you would like to contact the owner of this vehicle, please email to address 

shown on our Contact Us page, and include this vehicle reference 51champion-sr01 in your message.



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