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Year 1957

3E7 Transtar Deluxe – ˝ Ton Pickup.


C4 deluxe cab, 2-door, 8’ Stepside box.


Studebaker V8 OHV,

259 ci (4.2 L)

178 hp @ 4,500 rpm.

Gearbox Warner AS8-5K – 3 speed automatic.
Diff. Ratio 3.73:1 - Twin Traction
Wheelbase 122” – (3,099mm)

Foot - Hydraulic 4 wheel drums
Front & Rear 11”dia 2” wide
Hand - Cable on rear drums.

Weight 3,600 lb (1,640 kg)
Wheels 7" x 15".
Tyre Size 225 / 70 R15.
Origin USA














History of this Vehicle


1957 - 1991

The first owner was a hay farmer in Spokane (Washington, USA) and used the truck up until he sold it.


1991 - 2005

The second owner who is a Studebaker enthusiast did some minor restoration works on the truck.

He re-sprayed the truck in the same original colours, had the seats relined and did some maintenance work to engine and brakes etc.


2005 - 2006

The truck was bought by a Victorian club member at the 2005 Studebaker National meet held in Spokane. He shipped the truck back to Melbourne and held onto it for 9 months before putting it up for sale.


2006 - Today

Owned by club member Steve Leyden who uses it regularly on full registration for club and social outings and many car shows up and down the east coast as far away as Brisbane and Melbourne.


Steve bought the truck in May 2006 with 77,000 original miles on the clock.

The “Conestoga” canopy on the back was made mid 2007. This was just an experimental idea that turned out quite well and unique.

Covering over 20,000 miles in 2 years it was decided to one day run the truck on LPG to save on fuel bills. In order to fit the gas tanks under the box and not inside, a custom Stainless exhaust system was made up mid 2008.

Minor mechanical items are restored as and when required to keep the truck purring down those highways.

This truck is the only one of its kind in Australia and the only known factory built Automatic transmission Studebaker truck in Australia.

If you would like to contact the owner of this vehicle, please email to address 

shown on our Contact Us page, and include this vehicle reference 57transtar-sl01 in your message.



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