Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales


Year 1961

Lark Wagon.


4 door, 5 Passenger Sedan.


Studebaker V8 OHV,

259 ci (4.2 L)

180 hp @ 4,500 rpm.

3.562(90.5mm) bore x 3.250 (83mm) stroke.


3 Speed Manual T86,

with Warner R-11 Overdrive.

Diff. Ratio 3.54:1
Wheelbase 113" (2870 mm)

Foot - Hydraulic, Drums,

10 diameter rear, 11 diameter front,

Self Centering, Self Energizing, Self Adjusting,

Assisted by VH 44 Brake Booster.

Hand - Rear internal drums.

Weight 3,033 lb (1,380 kg)
Wheels 4.5" x 15" Steel.
Tyre Size 195/75 SR15
Origin USA, CKD Australian assy.










History of this Vehicle


1961 - 2000

Australian Assembled at Tottenham plant, Melbourne.

Bought by Reginald and Vivienne Baker, 7th June 1961.


2000 - Today

Owned and restored by Phillip and Sue Baker: (Son of original owner).


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