Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales


Year 1962

Gran Turismo Hawk.

Body 2 door, Hardtop, customised to Convertible.

Studebaker V8 OHV,

289 ci (4.7 L)

225 hp @ 4,500 rpm.

Gearbox 3sp Auto.
Diff. Ratio 3.31:1
Wheelbase 120.5" (3,060 mm)

Foot - Front and Rear Finned Drums.

Hand - Rear Drums.

Weight 3,262 lb (1,480 kg)
Wheels 6' x 15'.
Tyre Size 195R15, 2" Whitewalls
Origin USA, Ckd Australian assembly.










History of this Vehicle

1962 - 19??



19?? - 1975

Owned by Rob Smith, NSW.


1975 - 20??

Dale Fisher (NSW) purchased the vehicle and customised it into convertible.


Otherwise it is all original condition with only 58,000 miles on it.


More recently Dale changed grille to a Packard style & placed Packard badging on the car.  This came about from an article surmising what the Packard Hawk may have evolved to.


20?? - Today

Vehicle last known in Victoria, and has featured (with a facelift) on Australian TV in the ABC Series

"Jack Irish".



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