Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales Inc.



Coming Events


Club Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at;

Carnarvon Golf Club,

65-95 Nottinghill Road, Lidcombe.
Tel: 9649 6255

(Meals are available)

Committee meeting at 7:30pm, and

General meeting at 8:00pm.

For SCCNSW members with vehicles on 'Conditional' club registration

You are advised to print out this "Coming Events" section of this page and carry the print out,

and/or 'Stude News' as proof of eligibility to attend our Club's approved events.


Financial SCCNSW club members who have a vehicle on Conditional Registration with another club

as their ‘Primary’ club, will be accepted to nominate SCCNSW as a secondary club on their

"Vehicle Declaration" form.

Members must ensure that the RMS prints our club name as a secondary club,

on your purple “Certificate of Approved Operations” (RMS #1247) form.


You must print out, and carry with you, the calendars for clubs that you are a financial member of,

when attending their events.


The SCCNSW recognises events listed by the CMC on their website pages, as a 'Club Run'.


Hi there SCCNSW Members, we have quite a few financial members in our Club,

but we usually only get about 10 to 15 active members at our General Meetings and Club Runs.


You may have noticed that our outings are generally to the same venues, and/or

geographical locations around Sydney, and wondered, "why is it so?" (A nod to Prof Julius)


Well, it's because we are catering to those active members who keep supporting our Club.


If you feel that we are going to venues and locations that don't appeal to you,

we would love for you to let us know those places that do appeal to you,

and we would like to broaden our activities to include more varied options

that would probably be of interest to other members as well.


Please help make our Club better, and let us know what and/or where you would like go for;

A Breakfast, or lunch, or a day run to place of interest, or ???


We've got plenty of dates available for 2023, to try something new to us.

It's as easy as sending an email to any of our Committee members.


Thanks, Steve K.



4 Dec 2022


SCCNSW Club Run - No Breakfast for this month.

11 Dec 2022



Please let Jeff P or Robyn W, know if you are attending our Christmas Party.

We need to have numbers for catering.


SCCNSW Club Run - Christmas Party at the Potter's.

Arrive 11:30am, BYO drinks and chair.

Contact Jeff P if you need more information.

21 Dec 2022

SCCNSW Club Meeting - Carnarvon Golf Club.

No formal meeting tonight, just an end of year Christmas get together.

Come along for a meal, a Chrissy drink, or just to catch up with good friends.


8 Jan 2023

SCCNSW Club Run - Breakfast Run.

Lock in the date, details TBA.

18 Jan 2023

SCCNSW Club Meeting - Carnarvon Golf Club.

Please come along and help us work out our Social Calendar for 2023.

22 Jan 2023

SCCNSW Invitation Run - All American Day, Macarthur Square, Campbelltown.
Event by Mustang Owners Club of Australia (NSW)

26 Jan 2023

SCCNSW Club Run - Australia Day.

Lock in the date, details TBA.