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Red Bulbs.


Steve K.

19th July 2010


For anyone with vehicles that use red light bulbs for instrument lighting etc, or would like to add or change colour to light bulbs, here is a simple suggestion.


There are translucent paints for painting glass and ceramics that appear to stand up to long term use on a lighted bulb.


These paints are available from arts and crafts type outlets.


One brand that I tried, only because that's the first one I came across, is 'Pebeo' which has a large range of products and colours.

Here is a link to Pebeo, which will open in a new window.


The one shown here is "Porcelaine 150" and the colour is 'Scarlet' and at around $10.00 for a 45ml bottle, you will get plenty of coloured bulbs.


Normal application of this paint requires it to be baked "150C (300F) in any domestic oven."  But by applying power to the bulb seems to provide enough heat to cure the coating.


The paint is easy clean up in water.

Your regular bulb, just to show it with no paint.

Clean the bulb with thinners or 'metho' and allow to dry thoroughly.

Apply the paint to a cold bulb.

Painted by brush, but not lit up.

Allow the paint to air dry a few hours, before turning it on.

The paint is likely to bubble if turned

on too soon.

The same bulb lit up with one coat, and allowed to air dry.

You could get deeper red by applying another coat or two.



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