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Year 1924

EL Special Six, Tourer.


5 Passenger, 4 door Tourer,

5 Wheel equipped.


Studebaker 6 cyl. side valve,

289 ci (4.7L),

55hp @ 2000rpm.

Gearbox 3sp, non-syncro.
Diff. Ratio 4.3:1
Wheelbase 119" (3023mm)

Foot - 2 rear wheel mechanical, external contracting.

Hand - Internal on rear wheels.

Weight 3234lb (1470 kg)
Wheels Wire, Budd.
Tyre Size 500 x 24"
Origin USA

As found at Lithgow, NSW - 1994.







History of this Vehicle


1924 - 1994

History unknown.

Thought to be used as hire car in Lithgow, Oberon, Katoomba area of NSW.


1994 - Today

Vehicle was in recovered from junk yard at Lithgow, in a very sad condition.

It was built up using 1923 complete running gear gear, chassis, motor gear box and diff, but no body parts.

The body was completely cobbled together from scratch, using a few parts scoured from around the country, but mainly with hand made panels and timber work by the owner.


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This fine vehicle is FOR SALE.



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