Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales


Year 1947

Champion Custom Ute.


2 door, 2 passenger Utility.


As built by Bert Needham

Studebaker 6 cyl side valve,

169.6 ci (2.8 L)

85 hp @ 4,000 rpm.

As Restored by Noel Menzies

Studebaker V8 OHV,

259 ci (4.2 L)

180 hp @ 4,500 rpm.

Gearbox 3sp, Manual.
Diff. Ratio tba:1
Wheelbase ??

Foot - Hydraulic Drums front & rear.

Hand - Internal Rear Drums.

Weight ??


Tyre Size ??
Origin USA/Australia










History of this Vehicle


1947 - ????



???? - ????

Bought as a 4-door sedan by Bert Needham after its accident in Bogabilla, NSW, and his panel beaters converted it to a ute.


???? - 1992

1992 Owned by Robin Bleakmore in Dubbo, NSW.


1992 - ????

Purchased by Noel Menzies of NSW.

After repairs, the body was grafted onto a 1962 Lark chassis complete with engine and gearbox.
Completed in Sydney for Noel's son Darren, who drove it to Darwin, NT, where he was based in the air force.

???? - Today

Sold to Victorian buyer, and not seen since.


If you have any information regarding this vehicle's whereabouts, or history to fill in the gaps, we would love to hear about it.

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This vehicle has been featured on our "Where Are They Now" pages since March 2015, so we would dearly like to know what happened to it.


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