Studebaker Car Club Of New South Wales Inc.





We encourage owners and enthusiasts of all Studebaker related vehicles to join a Studebaker Club.


Our club is based in Sydney and is a social club, as opposed to a sporting club.

We hold a monthly meeting to discuss various club activities as well as the general running of the Club,

and usually organise or participate in one or two social runs each month.


Please click on our "Coming Events" page for more details.


If you are interested in joining our club, you are welcome to come along to any of our activities

and have a chat to our members, or just check out our vehicles.


One of the benefits of joining our club, with a Studebaker related vehicle, is access to the

NSW Conditional Registration for club member vehicles. For vehicles to participate in the

Conditional Registration scheme, they must be 'period correct' as far as being representative

of a vehicle built by the original vehicle manufacturer, and/or with 'period correct' accessories

fitted in the correct manner for the era of the vehicle.

Modifications to the vehicle are allowed for safety reasons, as set out by the NSW Roads & Maritime, or as

approved by our Club Registrar and/or Club Committee's decision.


Club members may contact our Club Registrar for more information and application form.

See here for more info on The Council of Motor Clubs, and/or NSW Roads & Maritime websites.


For information about joining our club, please contact our Membership Officer via our Contacts Page.


This page last reviewed 16th April 2022.

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