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These are provided for the userís interest and entertainment.

Some of these links are of original footage, and maybe of poor quality, but still worth a look to us Stude nuts.

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Tribute to Warren Weldon

By Ray Henman ACS


SCCNSW Member's and/or Vehicles

Scott's 51 Champion Engine Refurb, 2011.

By Ray Henman ACS

Helmut's 58 Golden Hawk

By Ray Henman ACS

Dave Denton's 60 Stude Lark, in TV short

Documentary, Dr Bogle & Mrs Chandler

Dave's 60 Studebaker Lark.

By Ray Henman ACS

2013 Independent's Day Linnwood House

By Steve King

Bruce's 58 Packard.

By Ray Henman ACS

Steve's 51 Studebaker Starlight.

By Ray Henman ACS

Joe's 23 Packard Roadster.

By Ray Henman ACS



Australian Meets

2006/7 Vic. Concours, Moorabbin.

By 'studeman404'

2007 17th Nationals - Gold Coast, 6x6 Trucks

By '1944GPW'

2008 Vic. Concours, Moorabbin.

By 'studeman404'

2009 Part 1. Vic. Concours, Moorabbin.

By 'studemick'

2009 Part 2. Vic. Concours, Moorabbin.

By 'studemick'

2011 Vic. Concours, Moorabbin.

By 'studeman404'

2012 SCCNSW Concours, Windsor.

By Ray Henman ACS

2013 Nationals, Pokolbin.

By Ray Henman ACS

2013 Nationals, Pokolbin.

By Wayne Brewer

2013 Nationals, Pokolbin.

By Wayne Brewer

2015 Nationals, Wagga Wagga.

By Ray Henman ACS

2019 Nationals, Toowoomba.

By Studebaker Car Club of Qld.


International Meets

1996 Long Beach Int. Meet

By 'bombero42'

2002 South Bend Int. Meet Part 1

By 'KelleyRoadRacing'

2002 South Bend Int. Meet Part 2

By 'KelleyRoadRacing'

2002 South Bend Int. Meet Part 3

By 'KelleyRoadRacing'

2002 South Bend Int. Meet

By 'MyClassicCarTV - Dennis Gage'

First 7mins is Stude, rest is Ford.

2008, Sweden

By 'ttffrr4455'

2010 Chatsworth USA.

By Ray Henman ACS

2010 South Bend, in a

1940 Champion. By 'daytona64'

2012 South Bend, Renaming Ceremony.

By 'bshawcreative'

2012 South Bend Parade - Part 1

By 'bshawcreative'

2012 South Bend Parade - Part 2

By 'bshawcreative'

2012 South Bend Parade - Part 3

By 'bshawcreative'


Studebaker History - Part 1

By Jack's Chrome Shop

Studebaker History - Part 2

By Jack's Chrome Shop

Studebaker History - Part 3

By Jack's Chrome Shop

Shannons Club TV

Jay Leno's Garage - B17

Spotted at Sydney V8 SuperCars - 2013

By 'bshawcreative'

By Ray Henman ACS

Howard Brown (LASDC).

Weasel on the move.


Studebaker Promotionals

1950 Studebaker

1954 Studebaker Commercial

1954 1954 Loewy Coupe

1956 Vehicle Range Commercial

1956 Vehicle Range Commercial - Tom Bosley

1957 Vehicle Range Commercial

1959 Studebaker Scotsman Pickup

1961 Avanti Introduction

1961 Lark Commercial

1961 Lark TV Commercial

1960's ABC Used Cars TV Commercial

1962 Lark Daytona Wagonaire Commercial

1963 Avanti & Lark TV Commercial

1963 Avanti Bonneville Record Breaker

1963 Avanti Disc Brakes

1963 Lark and Zsa Zsa Gabor Commercial

1963 Lark Wagonaire Commercial

1963 Studebaker Promotional Film

1963 Wagonaire TV Ad.

1964 "Different by Design" Avanti

1964 "Different by Design" Cruiser

1964 Marshall Police & Taxis

1966 Marshall Police Car Lark

Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed, Sponsored by Studebaker

1962 Mr Ed Sponsored by Lark.


Studes on the Silver Screen

1955 Ladykillers Trailer


Studebaker Factory

Death of the Studebaker Plant

Studebaker Build Film Pt 1

Studebaker Build Film Pt 2


Auto' Museums

South Bend Indiana Studebaker Museum

1937 President Armored Police Car


Motor Sport

1932 Indy car at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 2009

1964 Sandown 6hr Saloon Racing


Vehicle Reviews

1909 EMF Tourer - Crank Starting

1909 EMF Tourer - La Jolla Classic, 2009

1909 EMF Speedster

1913 Model 25, Crank starting cold

1913 Model 25, Engine running

1913 Studebaker Model 25 Roadster drive 1

1950 Starlight Coupe

1950 Commander

1951 Truck comes to life after 30 years

1957 Silver Hawk Engine

1957 Silver Hawk Reco Engine

1958 Packard Hawk

1960 Hawk

1963 Avanti (in 2nd half of video)

1964 Avanti (Muscle Car Of The Week)


General Interest

1929 Studebaker House Car

62 Indy 500 - Lark Pace Car (07:12)

NTV report - Stude US-6 (Russia)

Drifting a Stude Squad Car

A Tribute to Studebaker


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