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Here we are in 2022

286 years ago - The Staudenbecker family migrate from Germany to Philadelphia, USA, aboard the "Harle".
170 years ago - 'H. & C. Studebaker' begins 16th February 2, making Horse Drawn Vehicles.
140 years ago - Studebaker was worlds largest manufacturer of Horse Drawn Vehicles.
120 years ago - Studebaker produces its first automobile (electric powered).
118 years ago - Studebaker-Garford produces their first gasoline powered automobile.
109 years ago - First all Studebaker vehicle produced.
92 years ago - First car radio developed by Motorola, installed and demonstrated in a Studebaker.
86 years ago - Raymond Lowey begins working with Studebaker.
75 years ago - Raymond Lowey's design team introduce radical Champions, Commanders & Starlight Coupe.
68 years ago - Studebaker merges with Packard.
66 years ago - The Hawk joins the long line of Studebakers.
63 years ago - The Lark released as a down sized car, leading to a rush of 'compact' cars form other makers.
60 years ago - The Avanti arrives. R-3 (299 cid) driven by Andy Granatelli set Flying Mile record 168 mph.
59 years ago - Automobile manufacture at South Bend ends.
56 years ago - Studebaker ceases manufacture. The last vehicle built in Hamilton, Ontario, 17th March 1966.
50 years ago - Studebaker Car Club of NSW is formed. See more.

1975 SCCNSW Concourse - Vaucluse House


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